Learn how Swami Ji & the Center can help you

Problems come and go and a daily basis, but some that cross our path stay with us longer than needed. We dwell. We stress. We hurt. Some people try to feel their way out of the situation, and thankfully many overcome their challenge. However, many who put forth effort into finding their way through a problem often apply energy in a counterproductive way. They end up lost and can not find their true self. The Chamunda Swami Ji Healing Center, with great experience and deep humility, offers assistance in finding a way through any problematic circumstance in one effortless way.

The services offered by the Chamunda Swami Ji Healing Center is currently administered through Swami Ji himself. Combining traditional, conventional spiritual direction with specialized, empowering insight intends to lead each guest to personal fulfillment and potential realization. Each guest is invited to reserve a private audience with Swami Ji in which a four part process will take place after the meeting, namely: the diagnostic, the spiritual assessment, the commitment and the follow-up.