3 Ways to Self-Realization

Ways to self realization
All will surely realize God.

All will surely realize God[/caption]“All will surely realize God. All will be liberated. It may be that some get their meal in the morning, some at noon, and some in the evening; but none will go without food. All, without any exception, will certainly know their real Self.”
-Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa

In this age of KaliYuga, it’s not easy to stay spiritually focused. There is so much emphasis and attention placed on material things that don’t really amount to very much and will inevitably be taken from you one day. Focusing all of your energy on worldly things, only contributes more and more to the illusion; the maya of this physical world. See, all of our energy is supposed to be channeled towards realizing God… to overcoming our attachments to this world, this body, this name, these roles. Yes, of course it is important to care for, respect and Love your body but ultimately it is not who you are. Your body is just a vehicle that allows you to navigate and experience this reality. It’s nice to have a satisfying and rewarding job and yes, it is wonderful to have a family who you love and care for. It is necessary to participate in all these things but it is when we get too attached to them that the problem starts. It actually takes a lot for us to take human birth. The soul must pass through 8.4 million species before taking a human form. Since being born as a human being is such a rare occurrence, we should be making better use of this life, and devoting this lifetime to serving others, acquiring knowledge and, most importantly, realizing God.

Here are three ways to loosen the ties to this material world and instead become closer to the spiritual world:

1. Meditation

“Constant and deep meditation are the means to reveal the divine working of the Supreme Lord.” -Rig Veda 5.12.6

A daily meditation practice will change your entire life…Things will never looks the same because you will never be the same once you start on the path of meditation. Meditation is a process that cleans your consciousness of everything that is not you. It allows unresolved emotions, accumulated thoughts and repressed memories to come to the surface to be healed and released. Only by clearing away all of these illusions and stories can we begin to see the Truth and only by letting go of these things that don’t serve us anymore, can we create space for the Divine to come in. However, make no mistake, meditation is not a quick fix… It is not an overnight transformation and bliss is not delivered immediately. You have years and maybe even lifetimes of build up stuff that needs to be dealt with. A meditation practice requires your time, patience, diligence and compassion.

2. Mantra

“One can be free from all sinful reactions after reaching a place of pilgrimage, but one can have the same benefit at home or at any place, simply by chanting the Holy Name of the Lord.”
-Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.15

Not only does chanting bring you into direct communion with the Almighty, it also lowers blood pressure, balances the nervous system and normalizes hormone production, just to name a few benefits of this ancient practice. Chanting mantra delivers us from our preoccupation with ourselves and with the world around us and instead brings our attention inward, towards the God within our own hearts. Chanting mantra is basically calling out, lovingly, to our Creator, and waiting for the reply. The vibration of the mantra creates instant bliss and a sense of oneness with all. It awakens divine Love and Light within us and burns away all karma, attachments and desires. Only after establishing this direct connection with God, can we experience the true unity of all life. There are many, many mantras, all with their own respective intentions, yet all of them bring the same peace, bliss, empowerment and Oneness.

3. Service

“Behave with others as you would with yourself.
Look upon all the living beings as your bosom friends, for in all of them there resides one soul.
All are but a part of that Universal Soul.
A person who believes that all are his soul-mates and loves them all alike,
never feels lonely.
The divine qualities of forgiveness, compassion and service will make him lovable in the eyes of all.
He will experience intense joy throughout his life.”
-Yajur Veda 40.6

We are all pieces of the whole of creation. No one is separate from anyone else and what one being endures, all of us endure. In each of us lies the same Light of Consciousness so we are to treat each other as we would like ourselves to be treated. Humans, animals, even the plant kingdom, are all our brothers and sisters. We come to experience God by serving others, by doing good works and by helping other beings to become free from suffering. This world, without the mercy and Love of the Almighty, is suffering for all creatures. We humans are bound by our attachments like greed, anger, jealousy, lust and sloth. These hindrances cause us to suffer greatly and we inevitably waste our precious human life either indulging in them or grappling with them. Animals face incredible suffering that humans inflict upon them in the name of necessity and food, and they are not free by any stretch of the imagination, yet they still process this reality as we humans do. They are still self-aware, thinking, feeling beings but absolutely stuck in their predicament. So as we begin the journey of self-realization, and we begin to understand and accept that we are all One, it becomes clear that it is our duty to serve all of creation and work to alleviate as much suffering as possible. Every action you take, every word you speak and even every thought you think can be offered up as service to the Most High. Act in ways that will help your fellow beings become free; Feed the homeless, volunteer your time at an animal shelter, practice ahinsa at all times, adopt a vegan lifestyle, visit the elderly and so on. Speak only kind and uplifting words, even with those who are unkind for they especially need and deserve your Love and service. Never engage in gossip or slander. Think only positive and helpful thoughts. Do indulge in thoughts that do not lift you up. Living a life of service is the ultimate measure of greatness and it is the closest that one can get to walking with the Supreme.

As beings of Love and Light, we must spread Love and Light, thereby bringing the whole of existence back into alignment with the bliss of God. This is our purpose here, otherwise what exactly are you doing? Just wasting time? See, if you don’t do your work in this lifetime, you will certainly keep coming back until you finally complete it. Yes, life can be beautiful and fun and it is ok to enjoy your existence but it is a mistake to ignore the spiritual work that you are here to do. So step into your greatness, open up to your divinity and start living a life of purpose; a life of meaning.

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