How Do You Choose a Spiritual Healer?

Nowadays, spiritual healing has become very important in one’s life. It is said that one of best ways to get rid of stress and worries in one’s life is to opt for spiritual healing. It is always better to heal oneself through regular spiritual practice and remedies done on his or her own. But, if you want to learn the accurate steps for spiritual healing, then you can hire a spiritual healer. The concept of spiritual healing is very popular in countries like the US and The UK. In fact, a spiritual healer of NYC is looked upon with great reverence by the people there. Spiritualist healers are persons that allow themselves to be used as a mediator for the flow of healing light and energy, which is used for the benefit of others, including themselves.


You can visit a nearest spiritual healing center to find out about the best energy healers there. We give below some tips that should be kept in mind in selecting a spiritual healer:

  • When you hire a healer, you need to pay. There is nothing wrong in it. But, try to find a healer who has a real desire to help others and not to gain money or fame. The amount charged by the energy healers should be modest.
  • Select a healer who has been doing spiritual and healing practice under the guidance of a Guru or Saint. The concerned person should be above the 50% spiritual level.
  • The healer should have a strong focus on spiritual growth. Selecting a good healer is very essential because there is every chance of being affected by a negative energy if the person is not a genuine one.
  • The healer should follow the basic principles in spiritual practice. You can judge whether a particular healer has been giving you the correct healing energy or not, only when your sixth sense is activated and this is possible only through correct spiritual practices. So, initially, it is difficult to say whether the selected healer is good or bad. This takes time and you know gradually. The best way is to trust yourself, your heart and your intuition.
  • If a healer tells you that you are more ill or more disordered than you actually are, it means he is trying to control, scare and manipulate you. It is better to stay away from such healers. There should be a positive vibe between you and your healer.
  • If the person is not a genuine one, he won’t be able to discern the difference between positive and negative energy and you as a receptor will feel this negative energy.
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