How Kriya Yoga Helps in Spiritual Evolution


Kriya Yoga was introduced by Yogananda in the 1920’s and it was zealously accepted by people who aimed at developing a profound spiritual relationship with their existence. Kriya yoga is a combination of three various yoga techniques, namely, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga and Jnana yoga. Each yoga technique has a significance of its own – Bhakti yoga emphasizes on love, Karma yoga targets the movement of soul and Jnana yoga focuses on intelligence and sanity. What makes Kriya yoga different its principle, which preaches that a ‘Guru’ (outside power) is required to build a connection with our deep-seated spirituality. There are various benefits of practicing Kriya yoga, stated below are a few of them:

Spiritual Benefit

It is believed that the difficulties we face, be it of any kind, mental, spiritual or physical are the result of our bad Karma. Kriya yoga helps in destroying those sources of bad Karma.
Your intuition becomes stronger and you will rely on it at every stage of your life for proper guidance.

Mental Benefit

  • Your develop a high level of concentration.
  • Your mental abilities will rise and assist you in making any grave decision of your life.

Physical Benefits

  • You get to experience a better health as you will destroy the bad seeds of Karma which were having an ill effect on you. Your present and future life will remain healthy.
  • It is believed that a person who practices Kriya Yoga in the right and appropriate manner, completes the cycle of incarnation.

How to Prepare for Kriya Yoga

To start the practice of Kriya yoga, it is very important to make the right preparations first. Kriya yoga practiced in an improper manner is futile and also does not bring with it any benefits. If you too are willing to practice Kriya yoga, here are a few steps to get started:

Prepare Your Body: The first and foremost preparation a person needs to do is- prepare the body. Performing some warm up exercises is a great option to get started. Hatha yoga is also an option for people who do not have flexible bodies.

Prepare Your Mind: Once the body is prepared, the next step is to prepare the mind. The mind should be correctly focused as the yoga techniques teach you about the principles of cleanliness, wellness, purity and much more. When all these are combined together, the mind gets prepared for the techniques that are later used in the practice of Kriya yoga.

Learning the Mantras: Mantras are a part of the Kriya yoga techniques. When one chants the mantras, the sound created during recitation, tunes the body in the perfect manner for performing the yoga.

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  • Yoganand

    how do i start Kriya yoga practice – what all yoga practice should i start , what all concentrations techniques are there and which all Mantra do i chant … for common man its difficult to understand with out a true Guru