Understanding the Three Levels of Consciousness

Human beings are believed to have three levels of consciousness which represent differing degrees of strengthand awareness. They are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the super conscious mind. It is this awareness which helps us to experience significant awakenings which continually benefit us in some way or the other.

The conscious mind is the cogent awareness that generally guides us in our day to day decisions. We use it for thinking, scrutinizing, envisaging and learning. The decisions taken by the conscious mind is affected by others outlook and opinion. Since, the analytical mind can perceive all the probable solutions it couldn’t distinguish the best one.

The Subconscious or the unconscious mind permits a certain flow of ideas and that too without logical obstructions. All our involuntary processes are run subconsciously. The subconscious mind carries out body functions as well as learned behaviors.

It is the place of dreams, intuitions, and private stored reminiscences, memories of families, poignant consciousness and conviction. The subconscious mind is anytime more powerful and quicker than the conscious mind. In fact 95% of the time we operate from subconscious levels of mind.

The next level of consciousness is the superconcious awareness from which intuition and heightened mental clarity flows. It is in fact associated with higher aptitude, ingenuity, sixth sense, quantum reality and spiritual awareness.

The super conscious mind is not obstructed by any sort of logic. Consequently, the super conscious mind sees everything as part of a whole. A person in a state of superconciousness can willingly draw solutions to any problem as if the resolution was a natural outcome of the problem.

  • there are no victims, no vinialls, except in a frame of reference that defines them so. You create your own reality decision by decision, choice by choice, and then you play out the results of those choices and reinforce the choices, or contradict them, or go off in a totally new direction, or whatever you want to do. So yesterday afternoon I made some sweeping changes. I chose not to confront those who were demonizing me and instead I walked away. Unfortunately I lost it and said something unpleasant first but I did keep walking.Don Miguel Ruiz in the The Four Agreements advises: Don’t take anything personally. To walk our path we must become immune to the assumptions, opinions and actions of others. Namaste Richard and MusEditions {she bows}