When you see yourself in others, you can cause no harm

Love Animals, Don't Eat them.
Compassion towards mute and vulnerable animals is the prime duty of every human being.

“All being tremble before violence. All fear death, all love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?”


We are all One.  There is one Light in all beings.  One is not different or superior than the other.  Consciousness is consciousness and we are all aspects of the One consciousness existing in all things. Animals are part of that One consciousness. They are aware. They think. They feel. They have the same parts as we do, just in a different arrangement and they can communicate although some of us choose not to understand them. And some people choose not to understand them and not to acknowledge their aliveness because it suits their sense desires to ignore their suffering.

But, in order to progress spiritually, it becomes essential for one to observe a lifestyle of ahinsa, or nonviolence. It requires seeing yourself in all things, in all beings; feeling and acknowledging the presence of God in everyone and everything. God cannot exist in man but not in anything else….The Light of Consciousness, the Eternal Energy, God, give it any name you choose; it permeates all of existence: No exceptions. And God can take any form, there are no limitations. Upon realizing this Truth, how can one continue to participate in animal agriculture? How can one continue to consume anything that comes from the suffering of another creature? If you consume any product of the suffering of another being, you directly take in their suffering, their fear, their sadness, their anger. Why would you even want to do that? This keeps you stuck in a negative energy field… It keeps you in a very low state of consciousness. To move into higher states of existence and to more divine levels of consciousness, you must keep your body, mind and soul pure.  You must fill yourself with compassion and Love for all beings instead of filling yourself with their misery, suffering and corpses. The truly enlightened sage Ramana Maharshi actually said that his cow and a crow became enlightened. He taught that animals were fundamentally equal in spirit and on one occasion he even complained that that the trees were being cut back unnecessarily and severely, causing them to suffer.

Whether it’s eating meat directly or drinking milk or consuming eggs, there is a sentient being who suffered in order to bring it to your dinner plate. The terrible reality is that in our modern age, animals are treated with cruelty, disrespect and indifference. Animal agriculture is big business and they have no time to consider anything else except their own bottom line. Animals are bred and kept like commodities instead of like living, breathing, conscious beings.  Take a moment and consider on how it feels to be in their position.  Try to really feel how they feel.  This is called empathy and it means to see yourself in another.  Look into an animal’s eyes… What will you see?

The plight of animals is overwhelming and heart-breaking and completely unnecessary. Awaken your compassion and start a new journey of Love and unity with all of existence. Making the brave choice to not participate in their misery, is the kindest thing you can do for them, for yourself and for the planet.

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  • gudrun

    it is time the plight of cows is addressed in India, it’s totally unacceptable that they are neglected and exported for the meat industry, The spiritual leaders must do their moral duty and protest this in the strongest terms.

    • masterpanel

      Yes, We all should save the cows. Not in India only, cows should be given a reputed place in everyone’ life in the whole world.