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About His Holiness Shree Chamunda Swami

His Holiness Shree Chamunda Swami is an eminent spiritual healer. With over 35 years of in-depth practice, Swami Ji has a global following of students and disciples.

Now rooted in both the US and India, Swami Ji conducts world tours of spiritual seminars—Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Dubai, China, and many more—focusing on mantra and spiritual healing. Swami Ji is author of Adhyatimic Chikitisa Ka Aayam, a Hindi book about the methods of spiritual healing. He is commonly featured on TV networks: South Asian channels Zee TV, Aaj Tak, Star Plus, Colors, PTC, Sahara, and Alpha to mention few.

By combining mantra, tantra, and yantra powers with Chamunda Swami Ji’s guidance, individuals heal in order to pursue their best life. Although he uses astrology as a guiding tool, Swami Ji asserts that, "Astrology is not our decision maker. Our ultimate decision maker is the Almighty God. However, with spiritual help, we become capable of going beyond our astrological circumstances."

Swami Ji advocates his followers to discover their greatest potential: ”All one may need is a little guidance and that's where spirituality steps in.” Simple, and yet profound, he encourages focus on positivity to unleash our powers within. As a Hindu devotee of Maa Kali, SwamiJi believes and honors all religions and uses scripture texts specific to the individual, a personalized touch for every person.

With an enhanced spiritual inclination beginning at a young age, Swami Ji’s initial spiritual journey led him far across India—Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, and Mumbai—where he remains a reputed leader today. His practices evolved into intensive healing, setting out to Nepal and beyond to learn from sages, revered leaders, and gurus. After a year-long meditation and Maun (silence) in India’s Mount Abu, the renowned Swami Divya Anand Ji showered him with blessings and the renamed “Chamunda Swami.” In 1998, Swami Ji’s journey took an international step forward when he continued his practice in New York.

Today, Swami Ji resides daily at the Chamunda Swami Ji Healing Center, opened to provide concrete guidance for those seeking health and spiritual enlightenment. He continues to provide private guidance to seekers around the world, sharing love and positivity everywhere he goes.